After School Enrichment Programs

1:30 - 2:15 PM

We also offer a variety of after-school programs to meet specific interests of our students, especially those who are ready for a longer day. We focus on making these programs stimulating and nurturing while promoting hands-on learning. These programs draw on student interest as well as on unique skills teachers bring to the curriculum. Sometimes they build on existing strengths of the students and at other times introduce them to a whole new subject matter. In the past, these programs have included music, Spanish, soccer, science, cooking, as well as academic enrichment.


Offered by High Low Music and will be taught by Ilene Marks. Join Ms. Ilene for a fun & interactive weekly class full of creativity, singing, dancing, instruments & rhythm. Through games, movement and drama children will learn the fundamentals of music theory and identify the sights and sounds of percussion, woodwind, brass & string instruments.  This high energy music class is a wonderful introduction before formal music lessons. 

Not a sing-a-long but a high energy music & movement class which stimulates brain development and enhances cognitive, language, spatial, gross motor and fine motor skills.  Each class teaches self- control, self-confidence, improves coordination, enhances creativity & inspires a lifelong appreciation for music & movement. Please see  for additional information.                               

Min:  8 Students     Max: 12 Students                                                        


Offered by Ms. Junko. This session is designed to explore various forms including structural art, enabling the children to focus on creating multi-dimensional arrangements. The children will explore use of various materials and application of shapes to create unique designs.                            

Min:  6 Students    Max: 12 Students                                                         


Offered by Ms. Irma:  Give your child the opportunity to learn basic Spanish from a native speaker and immerse themselves in the culture, cooking, art & crafts of our many neighbors to the south. True to the Montessori methodology, the children will progress individually with advanced activities for the ones who have taken this class during the previous years                                

Min: 6 Students   Max: 12 Students                                                           



3 TO 5 Year Olds

This program is offered by Soccer Shots and will be conducted by Soccer shots coaches who will utilize creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting.

  * Please register online

Min: 6 Students     Max: 12 Students for each class