2-Day Program

Tuesday and Thursday, 9:03 AM -1:30 PM

This class is for our newest and youngest children. Children may enter as young as age two as this is the only program that accommodates children that are not yet toilet trained.  This program offers children an introduction to Montessori.

3-Day Program

Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:03 AM -1:30 PM

This class provides children with a more consistent preschool experience.  These children may have already had some preschool experience making them comfortable at school three days a week. 

5-Day and 5-Day Extended Programs

Monday - Friday, 9:03 AM -1:30 PM and 9:03-2:30 PM

These classes offer children the most authentic Montessori experience. The classrooms are mixed ages, consisting of three to six year olds. In most cases, the children stay together until they graduate, developing a sense of community and forming close relationships over the course of many years, eventually moving on to first grade in other schools.

The classrooms are equipped to meet authentic Montessori pedagogy parameters with materials encompassing four primary areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, and Math. These areas are complemented by various extensions, as well as extensive curriculum in Geography and Culture & Arts.